Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.


Few Benefits by practicing Yoga:

  • Reduce & Eliminate Stress

  • Reduce Conflict

  • Improve Concentration

  • Improve Posture

  • Strengthen Core


  • Basic practice
  • Yama and niyama (Rules and Regulations)
  • How to lead a Disciplined life
  • Basic asanas for Concentration and Memory power
  • Body and mind flexibility
  • Advance practices: Advance asanas, Pranayama

DANZO Dance Academy

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DANZO DANCE ACADEMY is the dream of Bhanu Prakash, Founder of the institute, who started this
Academy in the year 2017 with the passion of teaching dance. He is well experienced as a dance trainer
with different forms of dance.
We, Danzo Dance Academy, situated at JP Nagar 7th phase, Bangalore, Karnataka, have experienced
trainers who teach Dance, Music, Yoga and Art etc. Here you can learn any course in easy, fast and fun
filled way. We keep ourselves up-to-date with modern methods and idea of the updated styles and
teaching aids. All our instructors are professionally trained and experienced to ensure that learning will
become fun and exciting.

Training Methodology

Games and Group Activities
Video Clips
Interactive Stimulations

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