The importance of a teacher in the development of a student’s life

The role of a teacher is more diverse than it seems. Not only do they have to each, but they are also responsible for properly guiding students in the right way and act as a role model for them. It is the teacher who moulds the students to be future leaders, scientists, engineers, doctors, architects of the world. The impact created by an inspiring teacher lasts a lifetime.

The teacher must take care that topics are taught to ensure the best possible learning experience for the students. They must be well prepared to answer any questions posed to them in class and must help channel the flow of thought in understanding the concepts with clarity. In a way, they are the students’ gatekeeper of knowledge and build the foundation which determines the future of the students.

Apart from teaching, a teacher must inspire. They must open the minds of the students to dream big. They must expose students’ minds to the countless opportunities that await them. Teachers help students realise their dreams and aspirations and help them take the first steps in their careers. Career counselling from a young age will help students gain clarity on setting up their future.

A teacher must act as a leader, shepherding young minds for the future that they deserve. They must guide and help students understand themselves better. They play a major role in building a sense of purpose and justice in the students. The moral beliefs of a student help carve the future of the world and the teacher plays an active part in this process.

Teachers also play an active role in the process of self-assessment for students, mentoring them and showing them the path to overcoming their weaknesses. They provide critical feedback which helps students understand themselves better and build suitable plans to fortify their abilities and overcome their shortcomings.

Real learning is fun and this is what every teacher must promote. They must promote real education which lies in the world outside books. Students to be exposed to real-world applications of the concepts they learn so that they appreciate what they learn and gain a sense of respect and admiration for the topics taught.

Students, especially during their teenage go through a turbulent phase of life. The teacher must try to understand the students and what they are going through. They need to be a pillar for the students to fall back in school and must encourage students to follow their aspirations and passions.

Finally, teachers must be friendly and approachable. No matter, how well their intentions are, if the students feel uncomfortable towards them, their actions will bear no fruit. They must build meaningful relationships with the students and encourage students to approach them for any help or guidance needed.

In short, teachers play a major part in creating the future citizens of the world. The job of a teacher well done in a society well made. The teacher plays an integral part in the growth of a child to an adult, leading the student to succeed in their lives. The teachers are MySkool work relentlessly keeping all this in mind. Teachers, comprising of some of the best minds from top universities, work towards making learning fun and efficient while giving utmost care to the growth and development of the student.

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