Are children really justified in a class with limited strength??

Ever since the formal system of education had been introduced a few thousand years ago, learning happened in classrooms. Even in Gurukuls, students stayed with their Guru and fellow students during the period of their training. The same system is followed even today. Students go to schools or colleges to learn. Till 2020, most of […]

The importance of a teacher in the development of a student’s life

The role of a teacher is more diverse than it seems. Not only do they have to each, but they are also responsible for properly guiding students in the right way and act as a role model for them. It is the teacher who moulds the students to be future leaders, scientists, engineers, doctors, architects […]

What if learning is never stressful?

It is inevitably miserable that learning is often being associated with stress. Learning stress has an impact on a much larger scale, rather than just students. So this will take you through a look if learning becomes an unstressed process. Starting with the toddlers, first things first, most toddlers will not be under the pressure […]


Talking about a child’s development, few areas like skills and performance are often highlighted. But the foundation stone of all the qualities of a child is laid down by the social development of the child, meaning the ability to have a healthy interaction with the different elements of society. There is never a barrier to […]

How does empowering a teacher help a student?

A teacher’s meaning has extended beyond just an instructor of lessons, to an awakener of an entire generation. When a lot of values get added to the existing curriculum, this meaning just expands and expands, as it’s the time we understand that learning is not just an intellectual activity but a way of living to […]