Why is Education Important?

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X We have all had days where we wondered why we’re learning all these different subjects in school. From language to mathematics, what’s the point of learning all this? Is it just for the sake of […]

Are children really justified in a class with limited strength??

Ever since the formal system of education had been introduced a few thousand years ago, learning happened in classrooms. Even in Gurukuls, students stayed with their Guru and fellow students during the period of their training. The same system is followed even today. Students go to schools or colleges to learn. Till 2020, most of […]

Virtual class vs Physical class

Till the beginning of 2020, physical (offline) classes were prevalent across the globe. Virtual (online) classes did exist but were largely overshadowed by physical classes. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, all services stood at a standstill. This meant that education too had been haltered. With education being one of the most important sectors […]

Is Human potential development related to academics?

Before we jump into the role of academics in human potential development, let us look into what ‘human potential’ stands for. Human potential refers to our ability to improve ourselves, through methods such as studying, practice, and training, to reach the limit of our capacity in developing skills and for personal growth. All of us […]

The importance of a teacher in the development of a student’s life

The role of a teacher is more diverse than it seems. Not only do they have to each, but they are also responsible for properly guiding students in the right way and act as a role model for them. It is the teacher who moulds the students to be future leaders, scientists, engineers, doctors, architects […]

How has Learning been during the pandemic?

The pandemic (COVID-19) was totally unprecedented and its impact on the education sector has been significant. To continue teaching, every educational institution, be it schools or universities, have leveraged online learning platforms, leading to an increase in the distinctive rise of e-learning. The notion of e-learning has existed for over a decade now, but there […]

What if learning is never stressful?

It is inevitably miserable that learning is often being associated with stress. Learning stress has an impact on a much larger scale, rather than just students. So this will take you through a look if learning becomes an unstressed process. Starting with the toddlers, first things first, most toddlers will not be under the pressure […]


Talking about a child’s development, few areas like skills and performance are often highlighted. But the foundation stone of all the qualities of a child is laid down by the social development of the child, meaning the ability to have a healthy interaction with the different elements of society. There is never a barrier to […]

How does self-assessment help one to grow as an individual?

Individuals are often measured against some generic or specific standards built by a forum which stands as a bar of recognition. Eg. To recognize a student as a bright learner, the bar used here is – of course, the marks, grades, certificates, and prizes. In short, standards are a key part (or the only part) […]

What is receptive knowledge and productive knowledge?

The strongest weapon one can acquire to repeal menaces of this world is Education. Knowledge is power. To completely bear the fruits, there is a need to look at education and knowledge bearing from an advanced perspective. That’s why the words “studying” and “learning,” are both different in terms of meaning and scope. With the […]