Why is Education Important?

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X We have all had days where we wondered why we’re learning all these different subjects in school. From language to mathematics, what’s the point of learning all this? Is it just for the sake of […]

Are children really justified in a class with limited strength??

Ever since the formal system of education had been introduced a few thousand years ago, learning happened in classrooms. Even in Gurukuls, students stayed with their Guru and fellow students during the period of their training. The same system is followed even today. Students go to schools or colleges to learn. Till 2020, most of […]

Resilience of teachers during the pandemic

The psychological definition of resilience is the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. With the perils of the pandemic still existing around everywhere, the latter part of the definition is not possible now. So, it’s time we look into our mental health status to keep […]