Resilience of teachers during the pandemic

The psychological definition of resilience is the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. With the perils of the pandemic still existing around everywhere, the latter part of the definition is not possible now. So, it’s time we look into our mental health status to keep up the pace with the situations we are in right now. Particularly, the learning field is all about psychological processes involved in understanding, making to understand, consistent learning, and development of skills. Therefore it requires extra initiatives to be put up on the behalf of teachers to develop learning into a wholesome successful process.

With the onset of lockdown, the teachers and trainers in the learning field had multiple sources of stress which they were able to effectively overcome due to their immense capacity, dynamic approach in facing hurdles, and willpower.

Passing through the pandemic era for teachers had more emphasis on acceptance, learning from students, and innovation in teaching.

Firstly, the class didn’t look the realistic way they wanted it to, so they starting accepting the look and feel of the digital classroom environment. Because that cannot be a reason to deter from making their best efforts in conceptualization. Especially the elderly teachers, who are not that well versed in the latest technicalities like connecting to an online class, digital effective supervising of students, had put in their initiatives to learn these technologies and cope with them at the earliest, in which they indeed did a great job.

Secondly, teachers through the pandemic were able to have some value-based learning. Through video calls, they can witness typical environments at a  student’s home and get to know them both personally and academically. By this, they can dive into their minds and help them grow as a wise person in handling personal life as well.

The saved time that teachers had during their homestay teaching routine was effectively been but into use for the creation of ingenious teaching methods.

Prime among them is saving energy by pre-recorded learning resources. Unlike the traditional method where a teacher has to undertake the pain to repeat one concept all over again so many times for different classes of a grade. Now that the learning material can be saved for once, the techniques of expressing them can be experimental and evaluated accordingly every time.

The conventional “raise your hand to answer” technique might not work as well in an online class as in a physical classroom. Hence, teachers had come up with innovative ideas with the support of technology tools like online surveys, evaluation tests, sharing innovative learning contents’ links through messaging systems, feedback facilities, and regular follow-up with students for assignments, and always being available for them to clarify their doubts. Digital learning has helped teachers to stay in constant touch with their students – this helps for

a) monitoring and evaluating students and

b) to develop bonds beyond academics.

Teachers displayed enormous levels of self-motivation with their power to fight back against all odds to reach their ultimate objectives – to empower their students. These qualities have made them A-Type personalities. Even though the testing times of lockdown due to the pandemic, their Phoenix-like resilience has managed to add more value dimensions to the learning system.

MySkool takes pride in identifying these resilient and flexible qualities that every teacher holds within as they ultimately succeed in empowering students. We tap the potentials of our faculties to the fullest and make sure they’re delivered right to the students for their holistic development.

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