What is FDP?

Faculty development is the process of providing professional development training and coaching to faculty members to help them improve their work performance, particularly in specific areas such as teaching and research.

Why FDP?

The program focuses on enhancing functional area expertise improving one’s classroom delivery both as a teacher and trainer enhancing abilities for conducting meaningful teaching.

It also helps to learn and manage nervousness, handle disruptive behaviour, coach and provide feedback to others and how and when to use visual aids

FDP with MySkool

Faculty Development Program prepares the Teaching Staffs the essential skills to transfer knowledge to adult learners in a way that is educational, interesting and interactive. Participants will learn how to determine the needs of an audience, improve classroom charisma, handle hecklers, use activities effectively, and much more. FDP helps participants gain skills that will enhance their performance as faculty members. Program offer a wide range of opportunities for faculty to increase their teaching effectiveness, expand their skills, identify strength and weakness, and become better administrators. Faculties who take part in FDP will take away new ideas.