Are children really justified in a class with limited strength??

Ever since the formal system of education had been introduced a few thousand years ago, learning happened in classrooms. Even in Gurukuls, students stayed with their Guru and fellow students during the period of their training. The same system is followed even today. Students go to schools or colleges to learn.

Till 2020, most of the education took place in physical classrooms. The number of students in each classroom varied from school to school, from batch to batch. There can be a class of only 10 students while there can be a class of even up to 60-65 students. Usually, classes are divided into sections to have 35-40 students per class. In all this, we must ask an important question. What is the ideal number of students that must be present in a classroom so that everyone gets benefitted?

In a class of 10 students, we can safely say that the teacher can give individual attention to each student. They can even spend time catering to everyone’s needs. This will definitely help in the growth of the student and the classroom overall. An issue arises in this case. It is not always for an educational institute to have classes of 10 students each due to the restriction in resources. There might not be enough teachers available, enough classrooms and infrastructure etc.

Then what about a classroom of 60 students? Here, the resources present will be more than enough to cater to everyone. But, can we ensure that learning is effective? That is doubtful. It is very difficult for a teacher to handle the individual needs of every student in the class. There is the chance of someone feeling left out. This will affect the student in the long run.

It is important to strike the right balance between feasibility and individual attention. This is why in physical classrooms, a strength of about 35-40 is considered ideal. In virtual classrooms, things are slightly different. While they do have to ensure the availability of teachers, the impact of infrastructure is hardly present. This makes it possible to have more students in a class.

In virtual classes, we see a shift from learning being teacher-centric to learner-centric. This means that the effectiveness with which a student learns also depends on their efforts. They can make the best out of virtual classes, as they have multiple options to ensure better understanding. Teachers are available for doubt sessions a text or call away. They can refer to recordings of topics they face difficulty with, to enhance learning. They can even refer to the infinite resources available online during revision. In short, students are justified in a class with limited strength. They get to have proper guidance and the teacher will be able to give them the help needed and motivation to grow. MySkool believes in ensuring every student gets the attention they deserve. It is an online self-learning platform that aids students in understanding their complete potential.

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