Why Myskool

The Core Committee foundation was founded in the year 2013 with the objective to impart quality and value-based education to all sections of the society. The foundation popularized the concept of Holistic Education. By definition holistic education means, the education of Heart and Mind. This unique system was found to be the best for early childhood education which not only helps to excel in academics but also inculcates values, which are very much required to lead a happy and successful life.

Get to know more about us
Get to know more about us

MySkool is a complete educational offering right from scholastics to co-scholastic with parental counseling to unleash the potential in every child. We have partnered with numerous International Schools to provide affordable quality education at less than 50% of the actual fee. Our intention is to provide quality education to every individual at the most feasible cost. We’re a one stop solution to search for schools!

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Created with the idea of improving student learning anytime, anywhere. Rejuvenate yourself with a platform which is more than just academics.

Convenience of high-quality, teacher-directed schooling with the affordability and flexibility of choosing major schools at your location.


Admission Drive - Oxford
30/01/2022   10:00
Admission Drive - BGSIRS
26/01/2022   10:00
Admission Drive - BS
29/01/2022   10:00
Admission Drive - Redbridge
22/01/2022   10:00
Admission Drive - GREI
23/01/2022   10:00


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Technology in education is definitely an advantage. E-learning is an easier, less complex process that makes a stud

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A learning management system (LMS) is a computer program/ software